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[modifier] Introduction

This page is meant to let people - not comfortable enough with French to express themselves freely on the French pages - have a say in the process of organizing a FundCamp in France.

We have decided to launch an open international initiative FundCamp and make the French local initiative the first edition of this wider concept.

All the discussions concerning the generic FundCamp initiative take place on the P2PVenture's English site and can be accessed through the FundCamp page.

[modifier] Goals of a FundCamp in France

Today, we have been thinking that a FundCamp in France could help:

  • nurture a can do attitude for entrepreneurs
  • help professionalize the creation process from the entrepreneurs' point of view
  • nurture a can invest attitude for investors
  • help professionalize the investment process
  • start creating a dynamic that could lead to a vibrant ecosystem
  • what else?

[modifier] How to position a FundCamp France with a pan-European Seedcamp

We have to understand how we can articulate the different initiatives. A couple of leads are:

  • FundCamp France could help a couple of companies getting prepared for a pan-European Seedcamp
  • FundCamp France could help participants to a pan-European Seedcamp continue the experience at a local level if they feel it more adequate to their development process
  • what else?

Saul Klein and Reshma Sohoni are very welcome to use this page to express their views on what the connection of FundCamp France with Seedcamp could look like.

[modifier] Collaboration Platform

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